Just put this on twitter.Rock hard w/ perspective. Right still gets harder than left. 10’ish long x 6 1/2’ish around shaft. 7’ish around heads.

Just put this on twitter.

Rock hard w/ perspective. Right still gets harder than left. 10’ish long x 6 1/2’ish around shaft. 7’ish around heads.

tyrranny said: so regardless of the fact that it's james franco, would you be cool if some 35 y/o dude tried to date your 17 y/o sister, cousin, friend? It's just creepy to me because what could they possibly have in common.

I am an only child. However I know what and how I thought at 17 years old. The chick knew what she was up to. No excuse, if you’re gonna blame him, you gotta blame her. She’s a month shy of 18, in just a matter of days no one would be going this bat-shit about it.

James Franco and the Scottish Slag

Okay so I’ve been blasted by a small few people on Twitter for taking up for James Franco in what COULD be a hoax but could also be reality.

Without a lot of lead in (as you can search it out on the net and get all the details) I’ll say this:

James (in NYC) saw a girl outside the stage door filming him with her phone during him signing autographs. He asked her to tag him in the video.

She does later and he messages her on Instagram, which soon leads to text messages.

Turns out the girl isn’t 18 yet, (will be in a month) and James had proved he was real by sending a photo of himself. Asks her out, invites her to a hotel, asks if she’s single…

Possibly not in the order I’ve listed. But, the point is, she turned out to be a month shy of 18 years old.

Apparently she not only turned him down. She also made screen captures of his messages to her and their conversation and shared it with the world. Only to then delete all her profiles and go into hiding.

So I’ve been attacked for saying the girl was an attention seeking slag. You know, how DARE I blame her…

Let’s get something straight. I’m not NOT blaming James Franco. However, this girl is in NYC, where the age of consent is 17. She’s from Scotland, where the age of consent is 16. She’s just under a month from 18. So all these idiots screaming that she’s a minor need to get a grip on themselves.

She wanted attention, she got it at the expense of James being horny. He didn’t send her nude photos, he didn’t ASK for nude photos, he didn’t even mention sex. Yet the crazies are screaming like he should be burned at the stake.

Lastly, a lot of people swear it’s a hoax. Promoting his new film coming out that isn’t far from what “Just happened.”

If it’s real and not a hoax, all I have to say is, I need an instagram account!


To all you pissy, bitchy people, shut-up!

jeremc1 said: Public: It does look much better. Congratulations.

Thank you! :)

Fully recovered. Gained about an inch to an inch and a half in length. Nice space between them. All that’s left is manual stretching to get my foreskins long again.

Fully recovered. Gained about an inch to an inch and a half in length. Nice space between them. All that’s left is manual stretching to get my foreskins long again.

Blue: Suspensory ligament connection point.
Red: Where my cocks split into two.

Yellow: Where my left urethra is pinched.

A diagram I drew for people wondering how it works inside.

Blue- Where one big shaft becomes 2.

Green- Where two shafts are against each other.

Yellow- Where they exit my body against one anothre.

Pink- two shafts inside my body.

Red- Urethra pinch.

Minor Surgery Approved!

So I had an appointment recently to determine two things.

1. Had my left urethra closed up or tightened over the years since the initial surgery I had to correct it when I was in my early teens.

Yes, it had. I can still pee and ejaculate through my left dick, but not with the same pressure as my right dick. THAT will be corrected!

2. Originally when I was a baby and up into my mid teens my cocks sat about three quarters of an inch away from each other. As I hit puberty full steam, my shafts thickened and grew, causing the gap between them to slowly shrink. As they are now, they strain the skin between them when I’m hard. I wanted to know if I could have them successfully separated back down and repositioned to get at least an inch gap between them.


The urethral procedure is an easy one and I’ve had it once before no sweat.

The realignment however needed to be evaluated. I had a CT scan done both flaccid and erect. The concern was potentially a multitude of concerns.

A: The suspensory ligament (what holds the erection upward) was already diagnosed as degraded on my left cock. Which is why it never quite stood as tall as the right one.

B: I wanted the suspensory ligament on my right cock to be loosened.

C: Both dorsal veins on my cock appeared to conjoin too close to the surface of my body for successful repositioning. (You don’t want to fuck too much with where veins bundle together and tangle.)

The CT scan proved the veins do not split away from each other. They only overlapped so they can be lifted away from the middle and placed with their respective dick.

Also, the suspensory ligament will be completely detached and prevented from reattaching.

Then a 2 inch thick medical grade flexible silicone implant will be placed between them, deep inside at the Y intersection. This will force them to separate more widely and sit farther apart where they exit from my pubic region.

Minor, to no visible scarring! Recovery time of about 2 or so weeks. Both procedures will be done at the same time.

So I won’t be posting any photos until it’s all healed but I might snap a shot or two before hand!

The difference afterwards will be that my cocks will hang lower, about an inch to possibly two inches longer, completely even with one another and they won’t be so tight against each other at the base.

No more V boners! Once completely healed, no more inseam problems with my jeans!

I’m really VERY happy. Happier than I’ve been in a long time.

By demand… more asshole. Day after prostate day, some fisting and fucking and eating done by my BF before the photo.

fistdude said: Would you ever post a pic of you self fisting or being fisted?

Not sure… that verges on gratuitous porn. So far I’ve managed to keep it as classy as possible… considering the subject matter.